Reduce Pain and Improve Your Circulation

The AVACEN® is a noninvasive, over-the-counter (OTC) heat therapy system
Increasing blood flow ensures that ample oxygen and nutrients are delivered locally to target tissue, while carbon dioxide and waste products are removed. Experience the AVACEN® difference with a 30-minute demonstration treatment.
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Advanced VAscular Circulation ENhancement
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Serving Orange County, California
FDA Cleared Class II medical device that is safe, effective, noninvasive and easy to use
Drug-Free Pain Management

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Reduce pain, and improve circulation.
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Young lady demos the AVACEN® Heat Therapy Machine

Welcome to a new reality

AVACEN® products are manufactured to improve local circulation in muscle tissue in as little as 20 minutes of treatment, facilitating and improving microcirculation throughout the entire body. 
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Pain Relief from the Palm of your Hand

Since 2009, the benefits of AVACEN devices have impacted thousands of people worldwide, with over 20 million treatments to date.


Minor muscle pain, joint pain, and stiffness


Joint pain associated with arthritis


Minor strains and sprains

Try Before You Buy!


Rent the AVACEN Home or AVACEN Home+ for $250 for two weeks or $400 for a month
Purchase the AVACEN Home+ and apply 50% of the rental charge to your purchase
Purchase the AVACEN Home XL and apply 100% of the rental charge to your purchase
AVACEN® Heat Therapy Machine
Money Back Guarantee
If you use the AVACEN machine you rent for at least 30 minutes twice a day during your rental period, and you don’t notice any benefit; your rental charge will be refunded when you return the machine.
This offer is available for customers in Orange County, California



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Thomas Bowers with the AVACEN® Heat Therapy Machine
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